Microgaming Poker Network launches Blaze Poker

It now seems official; Full Tilt Poker’s earlier contentions over the copyright of Rush Poker seem to have gone out the window considering the Microgaming Network has followed in the footsteps of PokerStars and launched their own version of Rush Poker, dubbed Blaze Poker –not that the struggling poker site that has been offline since last June could take legal action even if they wanted to at this time.

Blaze Poker works in the same manner as Full Tilt’s Rush Poker and PokerStars’ Zoom Poker: Instead of sitting in a specific seat at a specific table, players joining a Blaze Poker game are added to a player-pool consisting of all players participating in Blaze Poker at that particular stakes and format. Once a player folds his hand, or the hand reaches showdown, players are instantly moved to a new table with other players from the overall player-pool.

These fast-paced versions of online poker have been an instant hit with players and with the sites that have developed them. A typical game of Blaze Poker will see players dealt three to four-times the number of hands that they would at a typical online poker table, allowing them to put in more hands in a shorter amount of time. The sites are also benefitting by dealing more hands in a shorter period of time, thus giving them more rake.

Players also have been quick to praise these games for the following reasons:

  • Players no longer have to wait on waiting lists before sitting down.
  • Strong players (who can adjust to changing conditions) are able to keep players off-balance, considering you can do things like steal blinds multiple hands in a row without worrying about your table image since your opponents are constantly changing.
  • Data-miners and players using HUD’s will have a harder time tracking your play and it will take considerably longer for them to play a large number of hands against you.
  • The game is incredibly fast! With decisions coming rapid fire, Blaze, Zoom, and Rush Poker keep players in constant action with little chance of growing bored.

As of now MicroGaming is only offering Blaze Poker at micro-limits and in No Limit Holdem exclusively, but the network plans to continue to add to the games and stakes offered in the future. Blaze Poker is currently available on limited skins, with Ladbrokes the first room on the network to offer Blaze Poker, followed by Nordic Poker. Microgaming’s Head of Network Games, Lydia Melton stated:

“Although a few fast poker products have popped up on the market in recent months, from an operator perspective, Blaze Poker sets itself apart with its seamless integration.

“Blaze Poker will run directly in the MPN client software, creating a user experience that is second to none.”

A fourth company has also developed a similar product, Relax Gaming’s ‘Fast Poker’ which is available at online poker rooms like Unibet and Betsson Poker.

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