Sam Trickett wins $2 million pot in Macau

sam-trickettTitan Poker pro Sam Trickett may have been the first player eliminated from the Party Poker Premier League V final table on Tuesday, but don’t feel too bad for the UK poker pro, considering Tuesday saw the Titan Poker blog publish a story regarding a $2 million pot Trickett scooped in the uber-high-stakes poker games in Macau.

Trickett told one poker media outlet, Cardplayer Magazine, that he is able to keep his seat in the ultra-exclusive rotation through the style of play he brings to the game: “If you didn’t [play loose and aggressive] you wouldn’t be asked to play,” So even if your name is Phil Hellmuth or Bill Gates, if you nit it up in Macau you lose your seat! Trickett also told Cardplayer that he buys in for more than any of the other poker pros who participate in the game, typically plunking down $500,000 on the table when he pulls up a chair.

Trickett detailed the $2 million hand in a blog post at Titan Poker (a post he promised he would make after tweeting about the massive pots many weeks ago):

“We were now playing 3-handed and a good aggressive player opens the button to 60k. I make it 220k with JT diamonds from the SB and a loose aggressive player cold calls from the BB, and the button also calls. The flop came 345 with two diamonds. (I won’t be explaining my thought process as much as I have in previous blogs/articles.) I now check and SB bets 440k and the button calls and I call. The turn was the 6 of diamonds, and every body checked, I’m obviously now feeling pretty confident my hand is good. The river was the 2 of hearts so there was now a straight on the board 23456 (3 diamonds) I now check and BB bets 2.2m which was roughly as pot size bet and the button called. Sometimes I could just call here but because the way the hand had been played out and I knew the other 2 players in the pot were capable of calling light and they were also aware that I could bluff in this spot as everyone checked the turn. So I moved all-in for around $7.7m and the BB instantly showed his expression and was not happy. Made me feel great obviously and after a long tank he called the extra $5m.

“Now the button started tanking saying he had a 7 and was wondering if the BB had called for the chop. He eventually folded and I raked the biggest pot I have ever won which was around $16m, which was about $2m USD pot. It’s actually not the biggest pot I have played and I have lost a few pots bigger than that where I took some nasty beats but it was certainly amazing to win my 1st big pot…”

Trickett also talked about the Macau cash-games overall, explaining how the stakes have increased over time and how the game is anything but soft: “People always think ‘Oh, they’re just rich business guys who are fish.’ It’s actually far from that. They’re guys who play in that game week in, week out who I’m sure would beat pretty much any other live game in the world. What I’m trying to say is that the game is not as soft as people think and it is getting more and more difficult to win.”

This isn’t Trickett’s first big score at the Macau poker tables: you may recall that last year he booked a £1,000,000 win during his stay in Macau, which he detailed in a BLUFF Magazine feature last year. This time around it’s unclear how much Trickett earned or potentially lost in these games, as he only detailed the massive $2 million pot to Cardplayer Magazine.

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