Volume 2 of Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker coming soon

secrets-part-2In 2011 D&B Publishing released Volume 1 of two-time World Poker Tour Champion Jonathan Little’s Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker. We are now just weeks away from the release of the highly anticipated Volume 2 of the two-part series scheduled to hit the bookshelves and online stores on April 17, 2012 -just days after the 1-year anniversary of Black Friday.

Along with the rest of the poker world I am eagerly awaiting the second part of Little’s treatise on tournament poker, and will have more information and a review available once it arrives at my door.

Volume 1 of Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker was highly acclaimed, and currently is sporting a five-star rating on Amazon.com (37 reviewers gave the book a full five-stars while seven reviewers gave it four-stars) and has zero negative reviews; an almost unheard of accomplishment for a poker book. Not surprisingly the book has spent much of the year since its release in the Top 10 in poker books on Amazon.com.

Volume 2 of the series is already ranked #18 on the list of top-selling poker books, and poker enthusiasts will be happy to know that Volume 2 (like Volume 1) will also be available in Kindle format. Volume 1 of the series carried the subtitle of Fundamentals and how to handle varying stacks, whereas Volume 2 sports a subtitle of Stages of the tournament.

Despite little fanfare prior to being published, Volume 1 was received very well and quickly gained traction as more and more players recommended Little’s work, with many poker players and poker enthusiasts feeling it has supplanted the wildly popular Harrington on Holdem series as the Bible of tournament poker strategy books.

Little, the former two-time WPT Champion has amassed over $5 million in career tournament earnings, and was on absolute tear in early 2012, winning three tournaments in the span of three weeks:

  • February 8, 2012: 1st place at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open $1,100 No Limit Hold’em tournament, $38,940
  • January 19, 2012: 1st place at the 2012 Southern Poker Million Dollar Heater $2,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, $42,777
  • January 17, 2012: 1st place at the 2012 Southern Poker Million Dollar Heater $1,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, $30,380

Little also has an amazing seven Top-8 finishes in WPT Championship events including his wins at the 2007 Mirage Poker Showdown and the 2008 World Poker Finals at Foxwoods, as well as a runner-up finish at the 2007 North American Poker Championships in Ontario.

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