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Poker Ego: Lose It

Article By: RuffPoker.com

Tilt is the worse thing that could happen to a poker player during his play. A poker player could be doing great all night, and then something bad happens, or some one gets into his head and all that he is worked for is completely depleted within one or a couple hands.

An ego is your absolute worst enemy at the poker table. If you play poker over a long period of time, you will find that there is always going to be a couple of people that just rub you the wrong way. They are going to try to get into your head and try to knock you off your poker game. If you watch poker on T.V. you will notice that Mike Matusow single handedly defeats players just by talking at them and getting in their heads. But you will also notice that the best of the best do not let Mike Matusow get in their heads and they use Mike’s smack talk ways against him.

And that’s the other side of the spectrum; not only can you not let people’s smack talk affect you, but you really shouldn’t be doing any smack talk yourself. When you start trash talking, you start thinking less about the poker game, and you ego starts to take over. Every single decision you start making is based on the fact that you want to prove that you are a better poker player than your targeted opponent. Mike Matusow, the professional poker player most noted for his smash talking, is a great poker player but what he is also known for is his patented “Mike Matusow Blow Ups” where he basically makes terrible decisions that are basically made from his poker ego. All that trash talking takes away from the poker table and it usually all builds up to one dumb mistake after another because you are no longer playing to win, but playing to try to boost your ego by smashing somebody else’s.

Can little bit of trash talking be good? – Probably. It’s always fun to stir it up a little bit. Just make sure you are sticking somewhat to the motto that it’s “all for fun and games.” Joking and poking fun can always be a little bit of fun at the poker table, but when you start crossing the lines, is when you start degrading g the integrity of the poker game and the integrity of yourself. Phil Ivy is one of the classiest and one of the most respected poker player out there, and because of his ability to maintain a healthy poker ego he is one of the best, if not the best, professional poker player that the world has today. Everyone should take a page out of Phil Ivy’sbook in class.

Another way people degrade the game is by constantly blaming everything on the dealer. People that make it their job to make the dealer’s life a living hell should not be aloud to play the game of poker. It is ignorant to think that the cards that are dealt have anything to do with the dealer. Dealers don’t have magic powers that determine who gets what cards, so you should never blame a dealer for losses (but it is common courtesy to leave a tip for good hands –all poker players know that).

If you can simply keep your emotions and your poker ego under check, then you will become a better poker player overnight, and will gain the respect of many other poker players, and that is just as good as being a winner player.