Are you a poker fox or a poker hedgehog Part 3

In Part 1 of this series I introduced you to the concept of foxes and hedgehogs; in Part 2 of this series I described the traits of poker foxes and poker hedgehogs; and now in Part 3 I’ll put it all together and give you some advice for dealing with both types of players.

Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You’ll notice all of the poker players I listed above are pretty damn successful, so don’t think that if you’re a hedgehog you are at a disadvantage to foxes –we’re human after all and not woodland animals, so knowing that you are hedgehog can keep you from rolling up into a ball when a truck is bearing down on you!

That being said, you have to understand that strength lies in your mastery, whether it’s a specific game type (6-max instead of Full Ring tournaments) or whether that means implementing a hyper-LAG style of play. But, understanding your weaknesses is also important and will keep you out of tough spots that other hedgehogs may not be able to avoid.

Foxes on the other hand will have fewer weaknesses, but they will also not have the same level of expertise in one area like a hedgehog. So, while you may be better at adjusting than a hedgehog, or look at situation with a more open mind, you also need to realize that a hedgehog could teach you a thing or two about their particular area of expertise.

Adjusting to Foxes and Hedgehogs

So what do we do when confronted with capable foxes and hedgehogs in a poker tournament? The key is to realize where the danger lies and be very aware that foxes can be unpredictable and hedgehogs do what they do at a very high level. For both adjustments (foxes and hedgehogs) I will use the same basic scenario, a blind steal.

When you teal the blinds of a fox there is no telling when they will attempt a re-steal, it will be more random and calculated, relying on surprise to achieve their ends. Conversely a hedgehog may be more predictable, perhaps letting you steal once, shooting you a glare the second time, which should basically tell you they are about to roll into their ball. Their way of dealing with a blind-stealer isn’t as calculated as a fox; it’s more a matter of doing what they do best.

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