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Power Poker Bonus Code

The PowerPoker sign up bonus code is one of the better bonus codes currently available in online poker. That is not a statement that is made lightly by any means, because when you compare the bonus available through PowerPoker to the bonuses offered by many of the seasoned online poker websites of our time, you will discover that both in terms of bonus potential and in terms of bonus release, PowerPoker actually offers a much better signup bonus deal than those other online poker websites. For a site that has only been around since February of 2009, that is something that is quite impressive indeed.

PowerPoker Bonus Guide

How to get started in 4 Easy Steps
Download Software
Step One

To start just download the Free Power Poker software to your desktop.

Sign Up Account
Step Two

Create an new user account and fill in all the sign up information. You will get an email to verify your account.

Enter Bonus Code
Step Three

This is where you enter the bonus code. Be sure not to skip or forget this step.

Make Deposit
Step Four

Click the cashier button to make a real money deposit and see your deposit options.

The sign up bonus code that is offered by PowerPoker at the current moment in time is POWER600.Get a huge 110% up to $600 Bonus.

Power Poker Bonus Code

If you use the POWER600 PowerPoker sign up bonus code when you are dealing with the account signup stage of your PowerPoker career, you will be given a bonus in exchange for using that sign up bonus code.

Specifically, the PowerPoker sign up bonus code is good for a bonus that is worth 110% up to $600. The $600 that you get from that bonus through maxing it out will be combined with your principal deposit for a total of over $1000 once you have gone through all of the motions that are necessary in order to actually release the bonus amount.

Releasing the amount of the bonus at PowerPoker actually works in a way that is very similar to most of the other online poker websites, so in this respect the PowerPoker operation is really just one of the pack. You release the bonus by playing in cash games that generate rake and by playing in tournaments that generate tournament registration fees. For every unit of rake or tournament fee that you personally generate, you will earn some Frequent Player Points, or FPPs for short. The FPPs are used as a way to gauge how much of your money you are actually wagering when you are playing in raked games and tournaments and for that reason the FPPs are essentially the PowerPoker way of making sure that you wager enough so that they can release the bonus to you without losing a lot of money in the process.

The good news here is that you do not have to release the entire $600 amount at once (or whatever the amount you happen to get based on your deposit is). Instead, the PowerPoker support personnel will release the bonus into your real money account in increments of $10, based on the FPPs that you are able to collect from your cash game and tournament endeavours.

You can see the details of your current bonus balance at any time by visiting the cashier. Once you are in the cashier window, you can take a look at your current bonus balance, your FPPs and also the number of FPPs you need to collect in order to release the next $10 increment of your bonus. In the end, this is all the information you need.

Deposit Bonus: 110% up to $600
Power Poker Bonus Code: POWER600