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Euro Poker Promotions
Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $100
Euro Poker Promo Code:
Additional Information: Daily $500 Freerolls
Euro Poker is a newer poker room that’s only been around since 2005. However age doesn’t really have any bearing on a poker room’s size. Euro Poker proves this point with its roughly 30,000 players online at any given time. In addition, the graphics on this site are first rate and it’s one of the few online poker sites that support Mac and Linux in addition to windows. Euro Poker also offers a web version of their software so you can play on any computer; even if it’s not one you can download software to (think the in-law’s house).
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This Room Does Not Allow US Players

Euro Poker

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Website: www.europoker.com
Software: 0 MB (Free Download)
Bonus: $100
Match: 100%
Bonus Code: A43830
US Players: Does NOT allow USA Players
Telephone: No Phone Support
Play Poker:


Euro Poker Review


The Euro Poker software is exceptional. When you first log in, you’re greeted with a “Quick Seat” screen. All you have to do is choose whether you want cash games or sit ‘n goes; then choose whether you want to play limit, pot limit, or no limit; then select what stakes you want to play at. You’ll be seated instantly. The only thing you can’t choose is what game you want to play. The game here is Texas Hold’em.

If you prefer to choose your own table, as most smart players do, you can click on the “Cash” tab. Not only can you choose to play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, or 5-Card Draw; you can also look at individual table stats to compare the average pot size, number of hands per hour, and percentage of players seeing the flop. This information is vital to profitable play.

The graphics of in-game play are also great. The images are sharp and the avatars look good, but more importantly, the play is smooth and it’s easy to scale your bets. In addition, Euro Poker offers a mini table option that allows you to tile multiple tables on one screen. These tables are big enough that you can tell what’s going on and small enough that you can tile several of them across a screen as small as a laptop’s.

Traffic and Game Variety

Euro Poker sits solidly in the mid-large poker room area. With over 25,000 players online most of the time and traffic often exceeding 30,000 players, you will always find a game to join.

Like any online poker room, most of Euro Poker’s traffic ends up in the No-Limit Hold’em tables. No-Limit players will easily find a game from the $0.05/$0.10 limits up to the $10/$20 limits and they’ll generally be able to find games up to the $50/$100 limits which is as high as this site goes. Pot Limit Hold’em is another story entirely. You can usually find a couple of games at the $2/$2 level and below, but that’s about it.

Limit Hold’em players will be very happy at Euro Poker. It’s easy to find a game up to the $50/$100 level and the games go up to the $500/$1,000 level making Euro Poker a great site for players that are good at high stakes, short-handed Limit Hold’em.

Omaha is another story at Euro Poker. Few players make their way into the Omaha rooms and those that do have a narrow range of play. Limit and no limit Omaha play is generally available only at the micro limits. Your options for pot limit Omaha, however, expand up to the $5/$5 range.

7-Card Stud sees traffic at a range of buy-ins, though higher stakes play is usually heads up. In addition, only limit 7-Card is available.

5-Card draw gets a surprising amount of traffic at Euro Poker; even at the higher stakes. The fact that there are so many players willing to bet so much money on a game that’s basically luck is a testament to the fishy nature of Euro Poker.


Big events at this site can see as many as 3000 entrants, but most tournaments will have 500 entrants or less. The prize money may be lower, but so is the variance. That fact makes Euro Poker’s tournament games much easier on your bankroll.

Softness of Games

Euro Poker has quite a few high stakes players which raise up the overall skill level at the site, however the lower limits are easily beatable. By far the most profitable area of Euro Poker is the low to mid level buy-in tournaments.


Euro Poker’s bonus is about average for the industry. The current Euro Poker bonus is 100% deposit bonus up to $100. The good news is that a smaller bonus like this is easy to clear.


EuroPoker support is online based only , they do not have phone support or a traditional email support. You can use their web based form/email to contact support. This is not completely convenient but they are rather quick at responding to issues.

Euro Poker is a larger poker room with very profitable tournaments. This site is best for average tournament players with above average cash game skills.

Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $100
Euro Poker Promo Code: A43830