Top 10 Reasons Why Live Poker Is Better Than Online Poker (part 2 of 2)

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  • Published April 26th, 2010 in Poker

For anyone who knows me it comes as no surprise that I prefer live poker to online poker, this is the second part of this series which will discuss the final five points I feel live poker is better than online poker.

6.      Online poker players have access to their wins/losses amounts

It’s hard to fool yourself into thinking you’re a winning player (or not losing as much as you think) when you play online poker; that cashier button is right there staring you in face telling you exactly how much you have lost. Furthermore, since reloading online requires more than reaching into your pocket, you’re more likely to know precisely how much you have deposited into your online poker account. Live poker players have too many variables to really know what they are winning or losing unless they purposely keep track: they likely buy dinner from their poker money; possibly lose or win a bit at a table game or slot machines; fill up the gas tank etc. etc. etc. Basically, it’s easier for losing live players to delude themselves into thinking they are winning players.

7.      A whole world of tells is opened up in live poker

Online poker players are relegated to playing a very mathematical game where every decision is based on hand ranges and tendencies. Live poker players have the added benefit of being able to see their opponent, which gives them the opportunity to pick up physical tells in addition to using the math involved in poker.

8.      Live poker players play higher stakes games

One of the best reasons to play live poker is that the lowest stakes offered are typically $2/$4 limit and $1/$2 No limit games, so any player entering the card-room must be willing to gamble a couple hundred dollars at the minimum. Compare this to online poker where players can buy-in to penny limit games for a couple dollars and you can see why bad players can be found at higher limits in live poker.

9.      Live poker players are less likely to quit the game if they are playing bad/losing

When a player goes on tilt online, is getting their clock cleaned because they are really bad, or is being abused in the chat-box it’s a simple matter of X-ing out of the screen, and either quitting for the day altogether or going to another table. Live poker players are far less likely to do this, since it usually takes some effort to get the casino. Players are far less likely to up and leave after driving an hour to get to the casino, and hopping into a new game is a lot harder -not only because there are fewer tables with longer wait times, but it’s also harder to walk away in defeat and pull up a chair two tables away.

10.  Live poker players are less likely to “hit and run”

Similarly to point #9, live poker players don’t have the luxury to double-up and just switch tables. Often times wait times can exceed 30-minutes, so short-stackers are very rare in live poker games -even though live poker games often allow players to buy-in extremely short, especially if they are reloading!

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