12 Poker Players I would Sign to a Sponsorship Deal Part 2

In this article I’ll take a look at the 10 poker players I would select if I had the chance to create a team of 10 poker pros for an online poker room.

In return for my sponsorship dollars I want/expect the following things:

  • The player must be active on social media, blogs, and forums
  • The player must be approachable and accommodating when it comes to interviews
  • The player must have an impeccable reputations
  • The player will not turn off new players
  • The player must be friendly and talkative at the tables

The above criterion is obviously my “wish list” and very few players can actually say they fit into each of those categories, so I’m willing to overlook one or two flaws if they make up for it in another area.

These are the players I would be willing to send the farthest corners of the globe to play in poker tournaments, and the dozen players I want representing my brand.

Here are the final six (my role-players):

Allen Kessler

You really couldn’t ask for a more active player on your roster than “Chainsaw.” Kessler will rep your brand any chance he gets on social media, he will play in ANY tournament, and thanks to his “Complainsaw” personality he is a pretty well-known player.

Liv Boeree

Liv is another one of those players that just seems to always be center stage. She has some really good results during her career, has been on TV from reality shows, to tournament appearances, to presenting, and has the good looks and bubbly personality that any brand would be happy to have.

Sam Grafton

Grafton is my choice for the funniest player in the game. Grafton is unique (Google his name and go to images), well-liked, and when of the best interviews in poker. Oh, and he is a top-notch player to boot.

Phil Laak

Laak is the older, slightly more eccentric version of Sam Grafton. I used to be very anti-Phil Laak and thought his antics were bad for the game, but over the years I’ve come around to him –mostly because, unlike players who yell and act obnoxious, you can’t just duplicate Laak’s level of insanity at the poker tables.

Matt Glantz

Glantz is one of the most measured, thoughtful people in poker. His recent takes on different issues in the poker world have catapulted him from solid player to one of the leading voices in the game.

Mike Sexton

Like Glantz, Mike Sexton is just one of those people who don’t rush to conclusions and take their time to think what is best for the game. Sexton and Glantz should be every single player committee, panel, or discussion group involving poker.

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