Source: Dwan lost over $4 million in Macau session

Back in September Tom “durrrr” Dwan posted the following gloomy tweet, speaking generally about a recent session where he suffered his worst loss to date as a poker pro (which is serious coin when you consider we know Dwan has had sessions with seven-figure losses online):

In taiwan for the 1st time ever… Not leaving the airport tho. Maybe next trip. Had my biggest loss ever yesterday

After the tweet hit the Internet speculation was rampant as to what the actual number was, considering Dwan rarely tweets out results. Well, it turns out we may now have a ballpark figure for that loss, as Cardplayer Magazine, citing an unnamed source who was in the room, has said that Dwan lost $4 million during a 24-hour session at the StarWorld Casino in Macau.

Macau Poker

The biggest poker games in the world used to take place in Las Vegas, but for the past few years the real high-stakes action is happening in Macau, which has transformed into the Vegas of the East, and has in many ways supplanted Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world.

The StarWorld Casino plays host to most of the high-stakes poker action, with exclusive games for the richest businessman in Asia, and select poker pros that are allowed to participate (generally speaking, the policy is don’t talk about the game and NO NITS!) such as Dwan, Johnny Chan, John Juanda, Andrew Robl, and others.

Dwan vs. Cates

Dwan is also wrapped-up in an ugly dispute with Daniel “jungleman” Cates, as the two have some unfinished business from 2010, when they started a high-stakes challenge match.

Per the terms, should Cates be up at the end of 50,000 hands (the pair is about halfway through that number) Dwan would pay him an additional $1.5 million: If Dwan is ahead Cates owes him $500k.

Cates is currently up about $1.5 million in the match, and is upset that Dwan is not placing the same level of priority on finishing the match as he is.

Is Dwan still among the top players?

Another recent story that involved Tom Dwan was a couple of digs thrown his way by Daniel Negreanu, who questioned if Dwan was still at the top of his game, and whether he was putting in the work to be an elite player:

‘I don’t think Tom is one of the best [in the world] – I don’t know if he ever was. He got elevated after his appearances on High Stakes Poker because he ran well and played well, but realistically he doesn’t put in the time or practise playing now [to be one of the best in the world].’ Furthermore, Negreanu thinks the other top players ‘all lick their lips when they think about playing Dwan heads-up’.

In the interview above, Negreanu also questioned Dwan’s professionalism, stemming from the PokerStars vs. Full Tilt Poker Grudge Match at the EPT London back in March, where Dwan showed up late for his match and didn’t seem all that interested in the event.


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