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PokerStars Marketing Code

Right now and for a limited time only, use our Pokerstars marketing code when signing up at Poker Stars. If you use our marketing code for your Poker Stars account, you will get a nice bonus worth 100% bonus up to $600. Just click our link below to activated the bonus automatically.

PokerStars Bonus Guide

How to get started in 4 easy steps.
Download Software
Step One

Download the software and install it on your computer.

Create New Account
Step Two

Star by entering a user id and password then follow all on screen instructions.

Enter Marketing Code
Step Three

This special code give you the $600 bonus, remember to enter it here.

Make Deposit
Step Four

From the lobby go to cashier then click buy chips and make first deposit.

PokerStars is easily one of the best online poker sites around right now. In fact, if you talk to most online poker players, you will probably hear them say that all things considered, there is nowhere else they would rather play their online poker at Poker Stars.

PokerStars Marketing Code

This statement is one that is backed up by factual analysis, since all of the data collected show that Poker Stars is the largest online poker site in the world by traffic counts. No matter what count you look at be it mode, median, mean, peak or range, you will find that PokerStars marketing code has the best traffic counts of any online poker site that is currently active in the industry.

Now that you know why it is good to play your online poker at Poker Stars, you should also know that using the marketing code is one of the easiest things in the world to do. All you need to do is sign up for your Poker Stars real money account and then use our poker stars marketing code when the appropriate time comes up. How do you know when the appropriate time is present? The easy answer to that question is that you will know about the appropriate time because it will be clearly marked during the signup process! All you have to do is refer to the fields for filling in your personal information and when you see the one marked marketing code, enter in Stars50. Do that and the 100% up to $600 signup bonus will be yours.

Once you have the signup bonus, you will clear it in the same way that you would clear a signup bonus from many of the other online poker websites. You do it by collecting points which are generated through rake in cash games and registration fees in tournaments. Once you have collected the requisite amount of points in order to get the bonus released, it will then be added to your real money account and will be yours to do with as you please. Those points can also be used towards loyalty purchases such as clothing and various other accessories. In the end, that makes Poker Stars even more attractive as an online poker option. With great traffic, good promotions and some sweet merchandise available through their loyalty program, where else would you rather be?

Remember that most bonus offers are not going to last that long, so if you see a bonus offer that you like you should really jump on it as soon as possible. Who knows how long Poker Stars will have the marketing code promotion for the 100% up to $600 bonus? If you want to make sure that you get the bonus, sign up for your Poker Stars account right now!

Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $600
PokerStars Marketing Code: PSP7622